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The most common printing method today, offset printing is a popular choice for most customers. For large, smaller, multicolored, or black and white jobs, EPi has the equipment to make sure your prints fit your vision.

How it works

The printed material does not receive the ink directly from the printing plate but from an intermediary cylinder called a blanket, which receives the ink from the plate and transfers it to the paper.

High quality printing one to 5 color with various coating options. Substrates include coated and uncoated paper, static cling, vinyl, styrene, SBS. Quantities range from 100 to 500,000 pieces.

• Calendars

• Direct mail

• Inserts

• Marketing, communication pieces

• Newsletters

• Posters

• Product literature

• Booklets

• Brochures

• Pocket folders

• Sell sheets

• Highly customized pieces with specialty die-cutting and assembly

• 1-5 color envelopes

• Point of purchase

• Counter mats

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