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digital printing

How it works

Color Separation data is digitally stored and then exposed to color photographic paper creating a picture of the final product before it is actually printed.

Fast, high-quality printing of black & white or color projects. From simple printing to variable data with endless finishing options. Quantities ranging from 1 to 1,000 pieces. Paper options from 20# copy paper to 120# covers in both coated and uncoated finishes.

When to use: Fast turnaround and/or small quantities or in conjunction with offset when part of a large order is needed quickly.

• Black + white copies

• Brochures

• Color copies

• Direct mail

• Labels

• Note pads

• Invitation packages

• Posters

• Presentation packages

• Sell sheets

• Stationery

• One-to-one marketing

• Plastic loyalty cards

• Gift cards

EPi and digital printing: Our digital experts have decades of experience with digital printing and can consult with you to create effective targeted direct mail programs and unique presentations utilizing variable data and one-to one marketing.

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